We add character and bring life to interior spaces.

Photo of our additional interior fragrance at Hotel August

We add character and bring life to interior spaces.

Let us introduce ourselves

Delùsh develops premium crafted fragrances​ to add character and bring life to​ inspiring​ interior spaces, thereby​ creating a deeper overall experience and a more lively decor.

Our scent compositions are specially formulated per specific décor and can be distributed by our high-tech diffusers and promoted by an imperial range of customizable candles, room sprays and reed diffusers. 

What we do best

Our work and core competence is to​ translate decors into out-of-this-world interior fragrances,​ each attuned to a specific interior, each breathing their own distinct characteristic.

Pioneering the finest natural materials and blending them into mouthwatering scent compositions is at the heart of what we (love to) do and the foundation for our success.

Additional roomspray Hotel August Antwerp

Our fragrances

Our fragrances are the cornerstone of our house and our sought-after collection has been developed over the years with world’s best perfumers.

We only work with top quality ingredients that are an absolute appeasement to inhale, in which we make no concessions.

We offer fully bespoke creation services, specially formulated per specific décor, each breathing their unique ambiance. 

Doing so, we collaborate with talented creative perfumers to create one-of-a-kind aromatic blends that create ‘alive’ olfactive experiences.