We enjoy working for dedicated brands that value interior experiences.

Our team

We are a specialized (creative) interior-fragrance house with a deep affection towards aesthetics and ethos. We operate from inventive and imaginative knowledge and a lust for life.

We collaborate with nature, with the space that surrounds us, with talented creative perfumers and designers to create sought-after scent compositions and olfactive experiences.

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What we believe in

We are fascinated by the bizarre diversity our planet, filled with aesthetic delight and full of subtle surprises that stimulate our senses, and we have a deep awe for life in general! We have a deep respect for inspiring interiors, each with its own special scenery, each telling its own unique story.

As we act from an intrinsic urge to bring life to the world around us, we enjoy the creative process to translate interiors into appealing scent compositions and the positive effects fragrances have on mood, perception and the space itself.

Our promise

We enjoy working for dedicated brands that value interior experience and we collaborate with world’s best perfumers to create spirited compositions that bring life to your environment.

We work to add value with excellent craftsmanship and we aim to be the nr 1. trusted partner for world’s best interiors.

We produce everything in-house and we only use premium ingredients that are an absolute appeasement to inhale. No concessions!

In essence, we simply love what we do, so we make mouthwatering blends that are an absolute appeasement to inhale and bring these pleasures forward for you and your client to enjoy. And in the end…we love life, so we give back to nature to restore and foster biodiversity.

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